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301 Congress Avenue - Austin, TX: 22-story, 458,000 sf office building with a 340,000 sf parking garage.

1530 Wilson Boulevard - Rosslyn, VA: 10-story, 178,000 sf office building with 3-levels of under-building parking.

2980 Fairview Park Drive - Falls Church, VA: 14-story, 357,000 sf office building with a 6-level, 405,000 sf parking garage.

Bank One Center - Cleveland, OH: 550,000 sf, 28-story office building.

Fairview Park, Parcel 4 - Falls Church, VA: 8-story, 197,000 sf office building with a 3-level, 155,000 sf parking garage.

Fairview Park, Parcel 10 - Falls Church, Virginia: 10-story, 245,000 sf office building.

485 Half Day Road, Millbrook II Office Building - Lincolnshire, IL: 5-story, 140,000 sf office building and a one level, 205,000 sf parking structure.

USAA McDermott Building Expansion - San Antonio, TX: 1,000,000 sf, 5-story addition to an existing facility plus structured parking for 4,000-cars; 1,300,000 sf connected by a 250’ enclosed pedestrian bridge.

USAA Home Office Expansion - San Antonio, TX: 640,000 sf, 4-story, addition to existing Home Office Building over a 3-level, 625,000 sf, 1700-car grade parking.

USAA Bank Services Building I & II - San Antonio, TX: 610,000 sf, 5-story office building and a 700,000 sf, 2100-car parking garage.

Fairview Park, Parcel 2 - Fairfax County, VA: 267,800 sf, 14-story office building with a 5-level, 276,300 sf parking garage.

Park West Phase II C2 Office Building - Farmers Branch, TX: Twin 7-story office buildings comprising a total of 370,000 square feet joined by an atrium.

Valero II Office Building - San Antonio, TX: 300,000 sf, 14-story office building.

USAA Financial Center - San Antonio, TX: 417,000 sf, 4-story office building with 3 under-building parking levels.

MTECH Corporate Headquarters (Phase I) - Irving, TX: 468,500 sf, 4-story corporate office building with a 30,000 sf underground truck dock/basement.

Valero Energy Corporate Headquarters Phase I - San Antonio, TX: 167,000 sf, 6-story office building and a 132,000 sf, 3-level parking garage.

Valero Energy Corporate Headquarters Phase II - San Antonio, TX: 134,000 sf, 4-story office building.
  Twentieth Century Towers I & II - Kansas City, MO: Two 15-story office buildings containing 530,000 square feet over 7 levels of parking for 2100 cars.

433 Waterway Tower - Irving, TX: 230,000 sf, 13-story office building with a 700-car parking garage.

Energy Center Phase I - Salt Lake City, UT: 262,000 sf, 13-story office tower over four levels (165,000 square feet) of underground parking.

4500 Cole - Dallas, TX: 180,000 sf, 18-story office tower with 530-car parking garage.

Rialto Place Office Building - Melbourne, FL: 10-story, 165,000 sf office building; development also included an 8-story, 240-room hotel.

San Jacinto Center, Phase I - Austin, TX: a 22-story, 420,000 sf office building and a 3 level, 375,000 sf underground parking facility.

United Guaranty Plaza - Greensboro, NC: 20-story, 302,000 sf office building.

Central Plaza - Dallas, TX: 300,000 sf, 17-story office tower with a 300,000 sf, 11-level parking garage.

Providence Towers - Farmers Branch, TX: 510,000 square feet of office space in two 11-story towers over five levels of underground parking for 1400 cars.

One American Center - Nashville, TN: 235,000 sf, 12-story office building with a 214,600 sf, 7-level parking garage.

Berkshire Court - Dallas, TX: 289,900 sf, 8-story mixed office, retail, and parking facility. Project was built over an existing 3-story building.

Market Tower - Indianapolis, IN: 630,000 sf, 32-story office building with three underground parking levels.

USAA MSTRO II Office Building - Colorado Springs, CO: 277,000 sf, 5-story precast concrete office building connected to a 360,000 sf parking garage by a pedestrian bridge.

One Peakview Place - Denver, CO: 271,000 sf, 10-story office building with a 3-level, 240,000 sf parking garage.

Churchill Tower - Dallas, TX: 272,000 sf, 12-story office tower joined by a 4-story atrium to a 10-level, 340,000 sf parking garage.

USAA Operations Building - San Antonio, TX: 327,200 sf, 3-story operations center facility and a 407,800 sf, 5-level parking garage.